Pennock Center for Counseling was incorporated in 1983 when a dedicated member of the First Presbyterian Church of Brighton, Mary “Penny” Pennock, had a vision of helping people in need of counseling.

The Ministry of Care

The original program was called the Ministry of Care, to reflect both the desire to serve others out of faith, and the basis of the ministry—caring for others. Initially, services were offered to church members, and later the board of directors expanded services to the community.

The program has evolved over 25 years from a single psychotherapist working out of an office in the church to our own building staffed by a full time director and clinician, two full time therapists, a bilingual therapist, an office manager and student interns.

The program continues to be a ministry of care for those in need of help with a range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, post traumatic stress, grief, divorce, and child and adolescent problems.

Becoming Pennock

After relocating from a store front office in Brighton to our building at the corner of 21st and Egbert in June of 2003, the board of directors chose to change the name to Pennock Center for Counseling, in honor of our founder and visionary, Penny Pennock.

Pennock Center for Counseling functions with its own board of directors, by-laws and its own non-profit status. We seek to provide professional counseling services that are affordable and accessible to all.

In addition to trained therapists who can provide professional psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and children, Pennock Center for Counseling also offers support and psycho educational groups and classes. The center offers parenting programs, grief support groups, coping skills groups, divorce recovery groups and on-going therapy groups. Pennock Center for Counseling collects fees for services based on a sliding scale according to income and can accept some insurance payments. We also provide Employee Assistance Program counseling for hospital employees of Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton.

Our namesake: Mary "Penny" Pennock

Our program was developed by Mary "Penny" Pennock in 1983. Her generosity has enabled us to grow into a community-based counseling center providing a variety of mental health programs. Learn more about Penny Pennock.