Presentations, Groups, & Classes – Summer 2021

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We are happy to announce the following online groups we are offering this season. All of the following groups are being held online over Zoom. Check them out!

Adjusting to the “New Normal”

Type:  One-Time Presentation
Facilitator:  Jody Pierce, LCSW
When:  Thursday, July 8th
Time:  4:00 pm
Cost:  No Charge


Are you more than ready to get back to your normal activities, but you still feel a little uneasy or anxious? We are moving into an expected period of collective adjustment after being restricted and often isolated for months. This class will focus on ways to help with the adjustment and move out of what some experience as Pandemic Fatigue. Call or email Jody Pierce to register for this no cost virtual class. 303-655-9065, Ext. 16.

Self-Esteem Art Activity

Type:  One-Time Presentation
Facilitator:  Lauren Cloud, LMFT
When:  Wednesday, July 21st
Time:  6:00 pm
Cost:  No Charge


Join us for a one hour zoom class in which we will complete an art activity geared to get you thinking about how to improve your self-esteem! No need to be an amazing artist or have amazing supplies–a pen and paper will suffice! Sharing your creation is optional. Email me at the address above to register for this free class!

Self-Worth, Confidence, & Motivation

Type:  One Time Class
Facilitator:  Laura Gutierrez, MA
When:  Thursday, July 29th
Time: 1:00 pm
Cost:  No Charge


Do you feel you need a boost in your self confidence and motivation? Come join me for an hour to do a fun life motto exercise that will help you with focus and motivation. I will also teach you Tapping Solutions that will help you relax and have you tap in positive affirmations to strengthen your self-worth and confidence. To register, please contact me at the email address above or give me a call at 303.655.9065 Ext. 12.