Counseling Services

Pennock Center offers counseling on an individual, couple, family or group basis. Counseling helps people overcome destructive patterns, resolves trauma, facilitates grieving, helps in problem solving, and strengthens relationships.

Individual Counseling

This is a one-on-one counseling for adults, adolescents or children. Counseling focuses on the needs and goals of the client, along with the factors contributing to the difficulties. Often the focus of therapy is on coming to a fuller understanding of the problem, increasing self-awareness and learning to manage difficult emotions related to the problem.

Couple’s Counseling

In couple’s counseling the therapist works with the couple to resolve the problems that are getting in the way of a satisfying, healthy relationship. The therapist helps facilitate the following:  mutual understanding between the partners, improved emotional connection and more effective communication.

Family Counseling

Sometimes the entire family benefits most from doing counseling together where everyone is involved because all family members contribute to how the family functions. In family counseling people learn to interact more effectively and make changes that enable the family to resolve conflicts and grow closer.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Children and adolescents benefit from individual counseling especially if they experienced something traumatic or are adjusting to a loss or major change in their lives. Counseling can help children and adolescents express their feelings and needs in direct, healthy ways and prevent acting these feelings out in problematic ways.

Group Counseling

Groups are an effective way to work through issues if clients desire a supportive group environment that includes the opportunity for feedback and assistance from other group members. Facilitated by a therapist, counseling groups are a way to work through individual problems with the added benefit of support from others in the group.

Substance Abuse Therapy

Pennock Center for Counseling offers individual and family outpatient substance abuse therapy in conjunction with mental health therapy, as needed. Substance Abuse Treatment provides specially trained counseling services and interventions to help reduce/stop the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs.  Treatment addresses the biological, psychological, and social aspects of addiction through different treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapies, motivational therapies, relapse prevention strategies, adjunct referrals and family systems therapies.


What is counseling?

Bilingual Counseling

Pennock Center offers bilingual (Spanish) counseling for all ages.


All information regarding Pennock Center clients and services is kept strictly confidential.