School Success: What Parents Can Do

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Picture of Jody Pierce, LCSW
by Jody Pierce, LCSW
“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”  – Jane D Hull
School is upon us and parents have an important role in assuring school success for their children. As a parent, children of all ages benefit from your interest and involvement in their schooling. You don’t have to be a math expert to be helpful, but attention to your child’s experience and establishing good routines make a huge difference.

Be involved in your child’s learning. Take time to talk about the things your child is learning. Your interest really matters.

Get to know your child’s teacher. Arrange a brief introductory meeting to express any concerns. For middle and high school students, read the syllabus for your child’s classes and know how to access teachers through email.

Help your child with organization. You may need to help your child go through his or her backpack each night. Many older children fail classes due to not turning in homework. Create a homework folder and calendar with due dates to help track assignments.

Establish a regular homework routine. It is usually best to start an hour after school and after your child has had a snack. Set a timeline depending on your child’s age. if your child says he or she has no homework, use the time for reading or spelling practice. Eliminate distractions like TV, cellphone use or Internet use not related to school work.

Know your child’s friends. Your child’s friendships may correlate with their school success. Talk about your expectations and values related to friendships.

Use your school’s resources. If your child is struggling, ask about school resources. Some schools offer homework help, study groups or tutoring.